Retail POS (Point Of Sale)


Flashpoint™ includes a multitude of features for the retail industry. Whether you operate a small convenience store or a large grocery store, Flashpoint™ will fulfill all your POS requirements.

A few of the features that Flashpoint™ has built in for the retail    industry include:

  • Pricing by Date
  • Mix and Match Pricing
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Scaled Items
  • Price Lookups
  • Hold Button
  • Live Inventory
  • Enterprise Management Solution

Special Pricing

Flashpoint™ handles all your pricing needs. Special pricing may even be set up in advance to ensure the proper pricing is in place when a flyer is released.

Hold Button

If the customer has to step away from the register, you may "hold" the customers order. This allows you enter in other customers orders without the need to clear or close the original customers order.

Live Inventory

Flashpoint™ handles inventory depletion at the time of the sale, not at the end of the day giving you a snapshot of exactly what is in stock at any particular time.

Enterprise Management Solution

Flashpoint™ Enterprise Management solution gives you the power to exchange information between your corporate office(s) and remote stores by integrating corporate driven menu management, regional pricing, and Data Warehousing into one powerful package. The Enterprise Management Solution also gives you the ability to program POS setups, inventory, and employees from one central location, while being able to choose the destination for the data easily and efficiently.