Labor Management


The labor management system included with Flashpoint™ has a built in time clock that produces many labor specific reports including a live wage cost report, individual time cards for employees, and time clock exports.

When employees work at more than one position (server, cook, bartender etc.), Flashpoint™ will prompt for the employee type and assign the proper rate of pay.

The time clock also supports tracking employee breaks and if an employee exceeds the amount of time allotted for a break Flashpoint™ will automatically adjust the employee's pay.

It does not matter if you pay your employees weekly or by-weekly, if you do your own payroll or use a payroll service nor does it matter if you share your employees with other restaurants in the chain, Flashpoint can handle any labor management issues that come up. Having issues with employees? Flashpoint has built in form letters if you need to give an employee a warning, suspension or fire an employee. The form letters are stored and tracked so you will always have records of when an employee is issued a letter. Training new employees is always difficult. To help ease the training, you can setup employee tests that you can issue to new employees and Flashpoint will inform you of the mark the new employee received. Using the tests will allow you to focus your training on areas that the employee is having issues.