Kitchen Display System (KDS) For POS System's


Flashpoint™ Kitchen Display System is one of the most feature-rich systems on the market today.

Some of the features built into the kitchen display system include:

  • Times orders and keeps the average time for the orders
  • Keeps a total on late orders
  • Changes color when an order is complete.

Implementing a kitchen Display system will help prevent errors. Handwritten tickets can be difficult to read, resulting in slower prep times and order mistakes. Printed slips can get lost and are hard to transfer between prep stations. By upgrading to this technology, kitchen staff will be notified when an order is changed or deleted, saving you from wasting manpower or ingredients. Orders can be forwarded to other kitchen display monitors as they are bumped; allowing you to transfer orders between preparation stations, packing stations, Park monitors etc. By using kitchen display videos you can also time how long an order is displayed before being bumped. The timer can also be set to restart when transferred between kitchen display monitors. Using this technology, you can decipher where problem areas are and drastically speed up the time it takes for orders to get to the customer. Kitchen display monitors can even be setup to change color, blink and/or beep when an order is "Late" notifying employees that a customer has been waiting too long.