Enterprise POS Solution


The Enterprise Solution is an enterprise level software package allowing you to remotely control configure and manage data for your chain stores. The following is just some of the many features the enterprise software includes:

POS Setups

  • Create and manage entire menus, POS setups, employees, promotions, pricing, etc. for the entire chain from one central location using the internet.
  • All changes can be sent to the store and implemented immediately or at a specific time/date.
  • Regional price management
  • Allows for multiple concepts to be setup.

Minute Man Reporting

  • Data included in the Minute Man reports include; Wage Cost, Sales, Deletions, Coupons, Discounts, Refunds, Etc. Virtually any totals created at the store can be sent to Corporate.
  • Minute man data is sent to Corporate at user defined intervals.
  • Minute man reporting is in real time allowing you to correct problems as they occur, instead of the next day.

Centralized Order Taking

  • Orders can be placed at Corporate and automatically sent to the correct location.
  • MapPoint interface allows for simple driver routing.
  • Delivery routes can be printed by the driver.
  • Orders can be automatically faxed to the correct location or printed if the internet fails.
  • Order takers are automatically notified if a store is closed.
  • Orders can be re-routed if a store is closed.

Customer Loyalty

  • Customer loyalty cards can be issued at any store and are shared throughout the chain.
  • Redemptions can be made at any store no matter what store the loyalty card was issued from.
  • Customer reports including all sales and redemption totals can be viewed or printed at Corporate.
  • Mailing labels can be printed for customers for personalized mailings.

Above Location Reporting

  • Reports can be viewed by the location, region, multiple locations or all locations.
  • Reports can be sent by email in PDF format for easy viewing, or viewed through the Corporate Controller.
  • All reports available at the store level are also available at Corporate.
  • Graphs available for quick analysis of data
  • Customizable reports can be created without the need of additional software.

Multi Vendor Inventory

  • Allows you control inventory for the entire chain using one master inventory file, no matter how many vendors you have.
  • Inventory can be setup by the concept

Master Customer Management

  • Customer data can be stored at Corporate along with customer totals.
  • Reports can be created based on customers for the entire chain
  • Mailing labels can be automatically generated for mailings.

Gift Cards

  • Gift cards are managed at corporate for the entire store, allowing your customers to purchase/redeem gift cards throughout the chain.
  • Gift cards can be sold or redeemed manually if the internet fails.
  • Card totals can be quickly viewed and purchase/redemption history printed at any time.
  • Gift cards can not be sold without first being verified by Corporate.